Give me a lion or a witch, anyday

But never again a flatpack wardrobe from MFI.

Actually that’s not going to happen anyhow, as they’ve gone bust. No wonder.

I had to return to the shop to get a packet of fixings that had been left out of one of the eight (count ’em: eight!) boxes that the thing came in. Then I had to redo almost every stage at least once as the instructions were so hopeless (and my practical skills so unpractised) that I couldn’t tell which size of screw was supposed to go where, and which way round the top and bottom panels would be, and on, and on, and on.

So all the school related work I wanted to get cracking with today has been shunted back to tomorrow. Some of that had already been shifted from last week. And that’s before even considering all the usual household stuff that didn’t get done today.

(Work-life balance? Pah…


Back in 2003 I wrote in the first post of another blog:

Until recently the idea of jumping on the blogwagon would have seemed just too obvious. If I was going to re-start a diary, or create a homepage, I was going to do it properly.

Then in 2006, in the first post of another blog, I wrote:

I resolve to commit these Wednesdays to writing.
My track record in keeping up with such resolutions is not good

Then in 2008 I started another blog, and wrote:

I suppose it takes a blog a while to get established. I’ve no idea whether this one will. Past form suggests not.

Then in 2009, I started another blog and wrote: