Nigel Jenkins Literary Award 2021

I was very pleased to be awarded the inaugural Nigel Jenkins Literary Award. It was presented at a Swansea Fringe festival event to celebrate the life of Nigel who sadly died of pancreatic cancer in 2014, and to launch a new book of his essays: Damned for Dreaming. The award, created and sponsored by Ali Anwar of the H’mm Foundation, was introduced by Jon Gower, and presented by David Britton (both of Swansea University), after which friends and family of Nigel contributed in music and song, poetry and anecdote. Unfortunately there are no photos of the event as the photographer somehow didn’t account for the fact that participants’ faces were all emblazoned with a bright stripe from a projector, creating a contrast that the camera apparently couldn’t cope with. So I may be instantly and ‘award winning writer’ but sadly there is no visual record of me accepting the very handsome award, created by Rodney Bender of Innovative Glass Products.

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