Using an iPhone scanner app to get marked work to students

The colleague that I share an AS Level English Language group with is off school at the moment, just as our deadline for submitting their coursework is coming up.

As I was leaving school yesterday for the weekend, I noticed that she had sent in some drafts that she had commented on. I’d asked the students to complete the coursework by this coming Monday.

What a pity that many of them would be handing in that coursework, or working on it further over the weekend without the benefit of those comments.

So, I’ve just spent a few minutes snapping the pages on my iPhone using the JotNot Scanner Pro app, and emailing them as PDF’s to the students directly from within the app.

(I just hope they heeded my injunction yesterday that they should be checking their school email on a daily basis, or – as I do, having it auto-forwarded to an email address they do check regularly.

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