11 / #365

Others have made plenty of today being 11/1/11 (or 1/11/11 for any stateside readers). I was just glad it was the day that Secret Santa made his delivery; a little late, but no less welcome for that.


I was also rather thrilled by the poetic response to my Senehelion post from last month. chrisindoncaster: I don’t know who you are, or how you came by that entry, but your contribution was an unexpected marvel.

3 thoughts on “11 / #365

  1. I took the view that you would appreciate the mystery for a short period only; please excuse the somewhat humdrum ending of it having been an ex-pupil all along. I hope, in any event, that you didn’t mind the presumption of my writing a response poem to Selenehelion. I couldn’t hope to emulate it, but it did inspire me towards poetry of my own.In any event, my drafting endeavours nowadays involve warranties and indemnities and rarely include something so noble as describing the moon, so I was glad to have had a go and so, for one last time, thank you for the inspiration.Chris


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