The twipping point


This is a late-night, very tired post. But it’s a nice, energised tired, not the weary crushing type. It may have taken me many years, where others cotton on in days or weeks, but I think I’ve finally reached the point where I can be optimistic and feel that I can begin properly to integrate my personal interest in technology and learning into my everyday practice.

This is happening (if it is happening – I hope it’s not just another false dawn) largely thanks to the power of Twitter to open up an expanding network of fellow teachers, learners and other people from a range of backgrounds and disciplines.

But for the inspiration, ideas and most importantly the confidence and enthusiasm I’ve gained over just the past couple of weeks since using Twitter regularly, I wouldn’t have got round to doing my first video podcast. I wouldn’t have entered the web conference blogged about in my last post, or joined last night in the EdTech Roundup Flashmeeting (though neither my webcam nor microphone were playing the game so mine was a rather marginal participation!) And I wouldn’t have got round to setting up an edmodo account and started to use that with some of my students today.

(Exciting times…twitterrepliesedmodo

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