I had a tweam…

Despite my personality profile having labelled me a ‘dreamer’ I actually very rarely have dreams that I’m aware of. However, last night I dreamed that someone blogged that my first three posts were a perfect illustration of all 31 tenets of bad blogging in Drew Wheelbarrow’s definitive list on blogtazer.com.

Perhaps this was my subconscious warning me to temper the navel gazing a little. So instead I’m just going to share one of the, admittedly fairly commonplace, things I’ve been learning about lately.

Twitter looks pointless at first but is perhaps the most useful online tool I’ve encountered. I first opened an account months ago but fell into the common trap of thinking it was no good if you didn’t have already existing contacts to hook up with, and that even then it probably had little value unless you could tell eveyone that you were having a better time than them. However, after an initial flurry of activity using it to follow the Tour of California cycle race (#atoc) I’ve cottoned on to what it means to begin building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) using Twitter, thanks to the likes of twitter4teachers, @MrTweet and @Twitter_Tips.

There’s a bit of new language and etiquette to be learned, and I’m still a raw newbie, but as can be gleaned from the hashtags and @signs, I’m getting drawn in. Follow me @AntHeald.

(Or not, as you choose…

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