An embarrassment of riches

One of the problems I have with webby stuff is that there are just so many tools, and I’m an inveterate tinkerer.

Over the years I’ve had a go with my own websites using raw html, FrontPageExpress, FrontPage and a bit of Dreamweaver. I’ve used WordPress, Edublogs and Google Sites for school blogs and class sites, and recently had a play with Posterous. Now we’ve got Frog as our school VLE and feel I need to get to grips with that, but I find it a bit clunky and unreliable at the moment, so I’m wondering whether to persevere with it, or whether to go down the route of using my own fledgeling website as a kind of portal for my classes, linking to other services and to files on Frog as I see fit. And if I do that, what do I use to maintain the site? I’m having a look at Joomla, and wondering whether to get more familiar with Dreamweaver.

The problem is, of course, that the more I mess around, the less time I’m spending focussing on content and interaction which really should be all that matters.

(Thing is, I much prefer finding out how to do stuff than actually doing it…

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